Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

There’s more to pharmacists than you think. In addition to being your community pharmacy, we’re on the frontlines of every aspect of healthcare and wellness — helping to ensure better outcomes for you and your family.

Travel and Routine Vaccinations:

Heading out of the country? We’re here to help. 

Our pharmacists will assess your Travel Health needs based on where you’re travelling.They may be able to provide:

  • A Travel Consult or Preventative Health Visit
  • Vaccine Administration
  • Medications
  • Health Information & Tips

We want to make sure you are prepared and protected for your next adventure!

Medication Reviews and Chronic Condition Management:

Not all medicine is the same for everyone. In fact, one person may take a medication for their stomach upset and reflux, while another may take the same medicine for allergies or itchy skin.

A medication regimen is as unique as you are. Each person’s therapy will have different goals, different dosages, and whatever condition it being treated will be different between people too. This is why our pharmacy team will review your unique medication regimen, develop therapy goals with you, and measure your outcomes to ensure you’re reaching your peak health potential.ovideVAccinea

Patient care, to me, means taking the time to get to know the individual patient, as well as their circumstances and surroundings. We have to take the time to personalize and get to know our patients at a level where we can make recommendations and work with them to maximize their health outcome.

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